Tocotrienols + Tocopherol Complex

Tocovid Suprabio 50 mg softgel capsule

SRP : Php 40.00 per capsule



Contents Each softgel capsule contains;
 d-Gamma Tocotrienol 28.20mg
 d-Alpha Tocotrienol 15.38mg
 d-Delta Tocotrienol 6.42mg
 d-Alpha Tocopherol 22.90 IU
 Plant squalene 12.82mg
 Phytosterol Complex 5.12mg
 Phytocarotenoid Complex 90 ug
Indications Daily antioxidant and cellular protection supplement
Contraindications No adverse effect has been reported. Its contents are 100% natural
Dosage and Administration Take Tocovid 50 mg 1-2 times a day
Availability 50 mg softgel capsule alu-alu blister x 30’s
SRP Php 40.00 per capsule

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