Chlorine-based Disinfectant

SRP for Germisep .5g tablet x 30’s: Php 275.00
SRP for Germisep 2.5g tablet x 100’s: Php 3,234.00


Contents Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate
Indications Disinfectant/Effective Against Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Protozoa
Table Dillution Instructions Preparation 10,000pppm 5,000ppm 2,500ppm 1,000ppm 150ppm
.5g  4 in 120ml water 2 in 120ml water 1 in 120ml water 1 in 300ml water 1 in 2L water
2.5g 4 in 600ml water 2 in 600ml water 1 in 600ml water 1 in 1.5L water 1 in 10L water
Availability .5g Effervescent Tablet and 2.5g Effervescent tablet
SRP Germisep .5g tablet x 30’s Php 275.00; Germisep 2.5g tablet x 100’s Php 3,234.00
Advantages Safe- gentle on hands; no need ofr PPE
Effective-enhanced antimicrobial property with Microbial Evaluation Tests
Stable- with 50% Free available chlorine for ocntinuous disinfceting capability
Convenient- different various applications (spray, wipe, mop,rinse and dry and soak)

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