“The limits of the possible can only be defined by

going beyond them into the impossible”

"Arthur C. Clarke"

We, at Hovid Inc. tends to rise beyond  limitations. We continue to live our vision as that vision acts as our energy behind every effort and the force that pushes through all the obstacles we may encounter.

We turned our vision into GOALS. We MADE A DIFFERENCE by doing specific plan of actions to achieve. We F.O.C.U.S.E.D. on those GOALS. We continued to take challenges and RODE THE MOMENTUM as we took positive steps forward and saw the way round the barriers. And now, we will R.I.S.E as we continue to move upward by having Positive and Promising RESULTS through RIGHT IMPLEMENTATION of our Activities, RIGHT SPENDING of our Resources and RIGHT EXECUTION of our STRATEGIES and PROCEDURES in order to Achieve EXCELLENCE BEYOND OUR LIMITS.

This year's National Conference was a very successful one headed by our Executive Vice President, Mr. Dennis Chan and our country manager, Mr. Cesar Aycardo . Guests from Malaysia, Hongkong and Ghana were welcomed.  The morning's plenary had been a very informative activity with the launching of the new product, Sefepime. The afternoon session was a very energetic one with all the groups aiming to get the championship on the teambuilding activities. The awarding ceremony was a celebration of talents, success and achievements and indeed many had stand out. Announcement on the upcoming Malaysia Incentive Trip made the winning team more excited and motivated.

New owners of the Car Plan were also announced which made the team even more excited.

The Fellowship Night was a very enjoyable evening. Thirteen (13) teams competed for the Hovid's Greatest Show and the team of Manila's Diluar Dugaan  headed by Ms Shella Espiritu stand out with their superb performance. They got the highest score and awarded with the cash prize of Php25,000.00 plus trophy. The second prize was awarded to Quezon City's Road Warriors headed by Ms Erica Gonzales. This year's third prize was the Greatest Upper South Luzon headed by Ms Kay Sebastian.

The night ended with a bang. Everyone got to enjoy the unlimited cocktail drinks offered by Diamond Hotel Mobile Bar.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and thanksgiving to our Event Organizer, Archiestic Events productions for making this event a blast and to all the employees who actively participated in all the activities.


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